Street Trash is the kind of ridiculous, gross-out midnight fair you can enjoy regardless of where you live, but the film holds a special place in our hearts here at Nitehawk because much of it was filmed right up the road in Greenpoint. Filmed in mid-1980’s, Street Trash captures the neighborhood before the wave of cultural and economic changes swept through the neighborhood, taking much of Street Trash’s trash with it. The landscape is unrecognizable for most of the film, all crumbled buildings and streets overgrown with weeds, but a few helpful street signs and some resilient landmarks helped us place a few of the film’s key locations.

We put together a handy map below that marks the spots we were able to identify. Some of them, like the C-Town Supermarket on Manhattan Ave. being the location for the film’s shoplifting scene, are more educated guesses than anything, and, it turns out, the liquor store at the center of the film is actually all the way over in Hoboken.

View Nitehawk Cinema Presents: A “Street Trash” Street Guide in a larger map

Curious about what some of these spots look like now, we grabbed a camera and snapped a few photos:

Norman/Humboldt/Moultrie intersection Site of: Bronson murdering the motorist/”Baby, I ain’t sure that you don’t got a cock.” Street Trash:


Practically the entire block has been renovated

Street Trash: Today:

Now a Polish bakery

Street Trash: Today:

What was once a Beer and Wine shop is now used for storage by the adjacent bakery.

Lorimer/Calyer Corner

Site of: The burning building Street Trash: Today:

This building has remained largely unchanged, but the landscape has one major, ominous difference.

Street Trash: Today:

The building even has the same doors.

Grand Street Bridge

Site of: The school bus escape Street Trash: