Like the majority of people who’ve seen the film, the gang at Nitehawk has become pretty smitten with Uggie, the dog star of The Artist. That got us to thinking: who is the best canine sidekick to grace the screen?  A few jumped to mind: Speck from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Cujo, that dog that steals Cary Grant’s hat in The Awful Truth. We went around and asked our staff for their input and here’s what we came up with:

— Caryn:

Bruiser from Legally Blonde and Thurston, Walter’s dog in The Big Lebowski.

— Kris:

I’m going to go with the horse from Tangled. Yes, I’m cheating, but the white stallion from Tangled is more a giant, white dog–all sniffing around and getting into sword fights–than your traditional mount. But, if we’re going to stick to the rules, I’m going to say Trusty the bloodhound from Lady and the Tramp (another Disney movie… weird). It’s like my grandpappy, Old Reliable used to say–don’t recollect I ever told you about Old Reliable–he sacrifices his body to save the Tramp when he realizes that his false preconceptions about Lady’s man (er, dog) were sending the mutt packing with a one-way ticket to a kill shelter. Good dog.

No you haven't Uncle Trusty


Turner & Hooch. Hanks at his finest!

— Jen:

What about Snoopy?  Also, Betty Boop was originally a dog, not everyone knows that fun fact.

— John

The dog from The Road Warrior (he doesn’t have a name, but Max calls him “Mate” at one point. Also, Navin Johnson’s (Steve Martin) faithful “Shithead” from The Jerk.

— Chris:

Rhapsody in White (a.k.a. Butch) the standard poodle from Best in Show that Jennifer Coolidge and her octogenarian sugar daddy submit for competition via the training talents of Jane Lynch.

— Kristen:

I’m gonna go a bit cliche here and give these suggestions before someone else beats me to it: Toto from The Wizard of Oz.  I am from Kansas, after all.

— Emily:

For me best dog sidekick is obviously Baxter from Anchorman. He’s there when it’s time to hit the hay, eat some cheese, or break up a bear fight. Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!

— Aiden:

Otis from Milo & Otis — he keeps curiosity from killing the cat.

— Rachael:

My favorite dogs on screen: Mr. Pink, Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue, and Mr. Brown. Especially Mr. Pink though.

— Alyse:

By far (this one’s going back a few years) Brutus from The Ugly Dachsund.  He’s a great Dane that thinks he’s a little dachshund. Totally ridiculous & awesome Disney feature.

— Ross:

Sam, the dog from I Am Legend.

— Melvin:

I can’t believe no one mentioned the best dog sidekick ever…. CHEWBACCA!.  He stands upright, wears nothing but a bandolier and sports an awesome shotgun/crossbow hybrid thing, plus he plays round weird future chess.


See you guys next week.