Well, the L Train is down and out again this weekend, which means the primary method for getting yourself to Nitehawk from both Brooklyn and Manhattan has been replaced with long waits and a severely overcrowded shuttle bus. Fret not! There are other ways to get to Nitehawk without the sleek, modern marvel that is the L Train. Some of them aren’t totally convenient, one might even kill you, but life is an adventure, so get out there and make something happen.

Get to Know Your JMZ

For Manhattanites and the northern neck of Brooklyn, the JMZ is your best bet to get to Nitehawk this weekend. The Marcy Ave. stop is about a 10 minute walk from the theater, and, for those coming from Manhattan, you get to take the scenic route over the Williamsburg bridge rather than the ear-popping, shaky L train tunnel. If you aren’t certain how to get to the JMZ from your location, check out http://www.mta.info/.

East River Ferry

The recently launched East River Ferry lets off right down the street from Nitehawk at N. 6th Street. The ferry runs from 7am to 8:30pm, and picks up every 20 minutes during peak hours (7am – 9:30am; 4:30pm – 7pm; pick up time is 60 minutes off-peak). For a full list of the pick-up/drop-off spots, check this handy map. Tickets cost $4. www.nywaterway.com

Take a Taxi

If you don’t have your water legs or want to skip out on the heavy loads of people on the JMZ, hop in a cab. We’re at Metropolitan Ave and Berry St, just two blocks west of Bedford Ave. If you are coming from Manhattan, remember to tip your driver nicely to help alleviate the “Going into Brooklyn Grumbles.”

Take a Scenic Stroll Over the Williamsburg Bridge

If you can spare the time, hoofing it over the Williamsburg Bridge on a nice day is a wonderful way to make your way to Nitehawk. It’s also a good way to rid yourself of the Tater Tot guilt that many feel after taking in a movie in our fine theater. From Manhattan, hop on at Delancy St. and continue over the bridge. The walkway lets you off at Bedford and S. 6th, about six blocks south of the theater. From the beginning of the bridge to the theater, the walk takes about 45 minutes. Of course, you could also bike here as well; there are plenty of places to lock up your ride near the theater.

Swim The East River

This isn’t a real idea. Don’t do this. It’s March, and we don’t want you getting killed by the aforementioned East River Ferry.  That thing is a death trap. Besides, if you make it, you’re going to make our seats smell like The East River.