Nitehawk is showing a lot of movies this month that depict children with, um, some problems: We Need to Talk about Kevin, The Exorcist, Battle Royale, The Hunger Games, The Outsiders, Jeff Who Lives at Home, The Baby, Donnie Darko, and Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.

Inspired by this devilish brood of youngsters, our latest Staff Picks gives you our favorite Messed Up Movie Kids

Hatched: Damien in The Omen, Christine in The Bad Seed,
and the tots in Devil Times Five (see image).

Jen: Not as much of a murderous bad seed, but I love me some Scott Farkus from A Christmas Story.  “He had yellow eyes!  So help me god, yellow eyes!!” And his little toady. 
Vince: Ellen Page (Hayley Stark) in Hard Candy!
Rhys: The Good Son
Ross: I love the messed up kids in The Brood or the kids in Jesus Camp.
Allison: Danny Torrance (and his psychic index finger, Tony), from The Shining.
Amanda: Ross stole my Jesus Camp answer, but I’ll probably have to go with Kids.
Carrie: Um…maybe those ginger kids of the corn or Gage from Pet Cematary (the resurrected version)

Brian: Best Messed Up Kid in a Messed Up Kid Movie: Drew Barrymore in Firestarter.
Alyse:  Christina in MOMMIE DEAREST
Matthew: …messed up kids, I don’t know.  I must have blocked them from my memory…