Two great tastes that taste great together – HEAVY METAL and VHS!

VHS Vault, Horror Boobs, and Wild Eye present what will surely be one of the highlights of the month with…Metal up your VCR – a VHS Tribute to Metal! There will be the usual pre-show, games, and boobs. If only I could sneak in the video of my husband meeting Glenn Danzig at a comic convention more than two decades back. Anyway, to gear you up, here’s an excerpt from Bleeding Skull’s review and a little trailer for Rocktober Blood (1984) which will be screened as part of the festivities:

Judging from outward appearances, Rocktober Blood seems like a very large turd. There’s barely any bloodshed until the end. The entire film was a mess of random padding. The actors do not pause for punctuation. The ending was most likely achieved by running out of film. Somehow, I’m able to look past it all for that golden half hour. Between rockin’ ass, Headmistress, and the slimy stench of ’84 testosterone, the intent of Rocktober Blood makes itself abundantly clear: it’s here to rock your balls. For your own good, please oblige. I’m not making any of this up.

See you in the lobby: Thursday, March 29 at 8pm. Free and fun.