The VHS archive housed at Nitehawk is a treasure trove of gems. Embracing the medium of video, Hatched editors Kris King and Caryn Coleman tap into the collection to show the best, worst, and weirdest of cinema each Monday night in the lobby at 8pm. Our monthly themed programs often tie into Nitehawk’s midnight movies and are aimed to highlight narrative and structural threads. Providing further insight, a long-form essay on each upcoming video will be posted here on Hatched. We love these movies and we want you to love them too.

MONSTERS – VHS Vault Mondays – April Schedule 
Each Monday at 8pm in the lobby. FREE!

April 9
Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (1973)

April 16
Stuart Gordon’s Castle Freak (1995)

April 23
Tobe Hooper’s Eaten Alive (1977)

April 30
Ed Hunt’s The Brain (1988)