Sixteen Candles (1984) – John Hughes
Saturday (April 7) at  12 and 12:15pm | Sunday (April 7) at 12 and 12:15pm

Nitehawk’s brunch movie this weekend dives into the trials and tribulations of a girl on the verge of womanhood. She likes the popular guy, nerdy guy likes her, and no one remembers her big day. It’s all so tough…and funny. Being a girl who has essentially grown up with this flick, I’d like to share my insights (however brief).

Ten things I think about Sixteen Candles

1) For the longest time I thought that Molly Ringwald’s crush was Matt Dillon. It’s actually Michael Schoeffling (who was also in Mermaids). Twins?
2) By the way, if Michael Schoeffling looks too old it’s because he was 24. Ringwald was 16. So was Anthony Michael Hall. I find this a little creepy, kind of like Luke Perry in Beverly Hills 90210.
3) Why doesn’t she just remind people it’s her birthday? I would hardly have the restraint. 
4) Yeah, the whole Long Duk Dong thing is kind of a stereotype. Still, it’s damn funny when he says, “AUTOMOBILLLLE”
5) Speaking of Ducks, my favorite Hughes character is Duckie from Pretty in Pink. Another Ringwald classic…with Annie Potts!
6) John Cusack, even as a nerd, is the cutest thing ever.
7) It is both frustrating and satisfying that the “nerdy” girl is actually someone both beautiful and cool.
8) I also love that brace-face Joan Cusack is in this movie. 
9) Anthony-Michael Hall is so totally 100% more charming than the popular jerks while Ringwald is just master of the pouts.
10) Yeah, running towards womanhood kind of suck but if I were to turn 16 again, I’d do without the responsibilities of a boyfriend and a car. Freedom!!!