And thus April at Nitehawk begins…

We are RAINING BLOOD at midnight this weekend with Dario Argento’s gloriously bloody and creepy Profondo Rosso (aka Deep Red). It’s one of giallo’s best!

We’re also kicking off TEENAGE KICKS with a little birthday party for brunch. Come watch Molly Ringwald have the worst/best day ever in Sixteen Candles!

New movie alert: if you’re wanting something a little harder edge in the violence department than Hunger Games (still playing) then The Raid will certainly deliver. Think John Woo meets John Carpenter’s Precinct 13

New food and drink specials alert: Mad Dog’s Broken Spare Ribs and Carnage Coffee. For The Raid, natch.

And we’re getting a brand new sidewalk cafe so you can enjoy these delicious treats in the sunshine before or after a flick! Most likely coming next week when it’s all nice and toasty outside.

Don Draper seems pretty put together in Season Five of Mad Men. How will it all unravel? Come find out with us in the lobby, each Sunday night, as we watch Mad Men. 10pm. Free.

VHS Vault is kicking off its April “Monster” movie month with Paul Morrissey/Andy Warhol’s Flesh for Frankenstein. Sex and gore, just how we like it. Monday, April 9th at 8pm. Also free!