Grease (1978) – Randal Kleiser
Saturday (April 14) at  12:15pm | Sunday (April 15) at 12:15pm

Nitehawk’s brunch movie this weekend is all about growing up, dealing with love, racing cars; all while singing your heart out. Join us for the American musical movie classic Grease (1978) starring Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, and Stockard Channing. Go Grease Lightning!

1) As far as movie musicals go, I have found that Grease is for the ladies while West Side Story is for the dudes (seriously, I know so many no-musical men who just outright adore West Side Story).

2) Let’s face it, Stockard Channing (as Rizzo or any other character) is divine. Love her.

3) John Travolta is so insanely dreamy in Grease.

4) My thoughts aside, there is a heated debate at Nitehawk about the appeal of Travolta’s “butt chin”.

5) Like so many “teen” movies, it seems very obvious that these actors are much older…some even in their 30s!

6) And the theme is pretty adult – teenage pregnancy, car races, summer rendez-vous  and the like. One of those surprisingly grown up movies ok for kids. 

7) There is something unsettling about a girl who continues to like a guy who pretends not to know who she is after a summer romance.

8) Fun farm fact: the Grease soundtrack was the second-best selling album in the U.S. in 1978, right behind Travolta’s disco epic Saturday Night Fever. See, he’s dreamy!

9) Like everyone else in the world, I think Olivia Newton-John looks damn fine in that one-piece black leotard outfit. There, I said it.

10) Grease 2 isn’t very good, although it’s probably more entertaining for this very reason!