Before he galloped off to Middle Earth and a Best Director Oscar, Kiwi director Peter Jackson made weird movies for weird people. This is why we love Dead Alive, perhaps the most extravagantly violent movie ever to be put on the screen. There are some gross images from Dead Alive, ones that cannot be unseen once they burn themselves onto your brain. So we decided to throw together of some of the movie’s more stomach churning moments.

And don’t worry about spoiling anything, there’s still plenty of relentlessly disgusting goop to go around.

1) The Pudding Scene

2) “Your mother ate my dog!”

3) Mother gets embalmed

4) A nearly decapitated woman tries to eat

5) Zombies eat each other/make-out

6) Full rack of ribs for dinner

7) I want to take his face… off

8) Don’t scream, or this will happen

9) Zombie dental services

10) Like a light bulb!

11) Crazy legs

12) Just a sentient mass of organs

13) The lawnmower scene… this one you’ll have to see on screen

14) Whatever this is:

15) Baby makes an entrance

16) Back into the womb. Yes, literally.