What better way to spend the last weekend in April than to partake in some of our movie action? Most of our film delights still take on a murderous bent but we’ve got a dream of sushi to brighten the day.

This just in…
David Gelb’s documentary, Juri Dreams of Sushi, on 85 year old sushi legend Juri Ono is a passion for craft…and food. 

Brunch weekend delights…
Now that you’re dead what are you going to do with your life? The dark comedy that is Heathers is not only for laughs but for cultural insight. 

Don’t miss our special two-day screening of Ilko Davidov’s documentary Story of Rock ‘N’ Roll ComicsIt’s a love letter to rock and the politics of law. Special q-and-a with cast and crew will occur via Skype.

Midnight Movie
The Raining Blood midnight series comes to an end with the rather bloodless but highly brutal classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Friday and Saturday at midnight. 

VHS Vault
Monday (April 30) concludes the VHS Vault’s Monster month with the, er, classic 1988 movie The Brain. You know it’s awesome. 8pm, lobby, free!

Heads up for the month of May…
May at Nitehawk includes David Lynch midnight movies, Let’s take a trip brunch movies, a film festival with Daily Motion, our second Found Footage Fest, a rare screening of Sandor Riesenbuchler’s animation (in conjunction with Network Awesome), and “house” month with VHS Vault. More soon!