Nitehawk News for Friday, May 5th

Mint Juleps and big hats, anyone? Come watch the Kentucky Derby with us on Saturday, May 5! Also, it’s Cinco de Mayo so throw in some tequila for good measure.

Ah, science fiction and creepy cults…two great tastes that taste great together. Sound of My Voice opens on Friday!

We might have said goodbye to The Hunger Games but we’re still going strong with Juro Dreams of Sushi and the mega-meta The Cabin in the Woods.

Do you want to know who finally killed Laura Palmer? Do you already know who did? Do you like burlesque dancers, entertainment, and donuts? Then the party plus screening of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me this Friday and Saturday is the ultimate celebration. It’s also the beginning of our Lynch midnight movie series.   

Our Let’s Take a Trip brunch movie month for May begins with the universally loved (and why not with ruby shoes, witches, a cute dog, and flying monkeys?), The Wizard of Oz

Following up with our screening of The Wizard of Oz, the first video in this month’s VHS Vault The House series is Return to Oz. Beware the wheelers…and headless witches. Starts at 8pm in Nitehawk’s lobby on Monday, May 7. Free, as always!

The Raspberry Brothers take on a film that deserves a good riffing…Twilight. Sunday, May 6, at noon.

Nitehawk and Dailymotion have teamed up for Cinema Selects, a one night screening featuring the best of the web in the cinema! Cinema Selects is on Tuesday, May 8 and starts at 8pm. Please come! 

And finally, we’ve got the next VCR Party (NYC’s First VHS-based Variety Show) on Wednesday, May 10, at 1opm. Hosted by Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher from the Found Footage Festival and Derrick Beckles from TV Carnage so you know it’s good times.