Main Movies
You all saw him fall off his camel at Cannes, now see the newly opened The Dictator this week. We’re also still going strong with the Sound of My Voice and everyone’s new favorite horror movie, The Cabin in the Woods (In fact we should never stop playing it).  

Midnight Movies
The David Lynch love goes up to 11 this weekend with the special 35mm presentation of Blue Velvet. Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, and a severed ear. Swoon. Friday and Saturday at midnight.

Brunch Delights
Fact: True Romance is awesome. You have the Vista theater with Kung Fu films, Gary Oldman with dreds, Brad Pitt smoking pot, and Patricia Arquette in a fight. Total win. Playing at 12:15pm this Saturday and Sunday.

Another fact: cartoons and booze are awesome. Spoons, Toons, and Booze does their thing this weekend for brunch. This time it’s Hollywood-themed.

Extra, extra
Mad Men plays in the lobby each Sunday night, episodes start at 10pm, cocktails much earlier.

VHS Vault
David Cronenberg’s Shivers imagines what would happen if an STD turned people in a high rise into sex zombies. It starts Barbara Steele which is really reason enough to see it. Presented in our lobby, 8pm, and it’s FREE!

Coming Soon
The Bob Marly documentary, Marley, is coming our way as is a super Midnight showing of Beyond the Black Rainbow on May 25 and 26th.