Cha…cha…cha…changes…Nitehawk has so many incredible new flicks this week – regular, midnight, and brunch – that we think you should really just bring your toothbrush and stay for the weekend. (Click on the movie name to go directly to more info and ticket purchasing).

Our new main movies include Marley (in-depth new documentary on Bob Marley), Damsels in Distress (suicide prevention, tap dancing, and donuts), and Headhunters (fancy some sex and violence with your art thievery). 

More on Damsels, on June 5th director Whit Stillman (and possibly some cast members) will be at this special screening for a Q-and-A afterwards. Thanks Gothamist!

Midnights are beyond a surrealist, meta trip this weekend. We’ve got the quintessential midnight movie throw up with Beyond the Black Rainbow (already sold out for Friday), the absurdist non-linear every-man tale of Lynch’s Eraserhead (with live music by Morricone Youth), and we say goodbye to one of Nitehawks’ favorite films, The Cabin in the Woods

We have two classics that, if they don’t bear some meaning to your childhood, you did it wrong: The Goonies and a Raspberry Brothers sing-a-long with Labyrinth.  Sigh, Bowie.

Madmen continues in the lobby each Sunday evening. Come watch Lane steal, Megan horribly act, and Roger be the hilarious rock.  

VHS Vault presents the last in its THE HOUSE series with Lucio Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery. It’s Italian. It’s weird. It’s free. Monday, May 28th at 8pm.

Earlier this year Nitehawk was voted as the Best First Date spot by New York Mag. This week Time Out New York decreed we were also one of the Best First Date places for summer. True ‘nough but, honestly, we’re good for any date number, any time. 

Nitehawk is a film hub for the Northside Film Festival in June. The schedule of what we’re showing is now available for you to peruse and purchase tickets. 

And lastly, OMG IT’S TOTALLY GOING TO HAPPEN…coming soon to Nitehawk is Prometheus and Moonrise Kingdom. Hot summer damn.