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Aliens have invaded
By now, our dear Nitehawk cinema-goers know that Prometheus is here! Opening last night at midnight in two sold out theaters (fodder for the best post-movie discussion we’ve ever heard), this film is surely going to be the gooey-ist hit of the summer. We’ll continue to show it in two theaters with The Dictator holding court in Theater 3.

New movie means new food and drink specials!
For Prometheus we have a Weyland-Yutani Creme Brulee and a related drink called the Facehugger (Bailey’s and Creme de Menthe on ice). 

Midnight and Brunch: Here, there, and everywhere
Poltergeist is heeeeerrrre! Evil trees, moving chairs,television portal plus Coach and Tobe Hooper make for a haunted house classic.  

Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey for brunch. Keanu goes to hell!

Music and Movies
This Sunday (brunch) and Tuesday (evening) take a trip through 1920s New York with Speedy accompanied with live music by Daryl Fletcher and the Public Domain. 

Mad Men
The season finale is finally upon us and, if you saw the last episode, you are like us in wondering where it will lead. Have a cocktail with us as we watch Mad Men in the lobby. Let’s toast to Lane and see if Megan will actually ever do more than just “audition”.  

VHS Vault
Vampires, lesbianism undertones, and Italian filmmaking. VHS Vault’s “Grindhouse” month continues with the Blood Spattered Bride. Monday, June 11, at 8pm. Free.