There’s a VCR Party going on at Nitehawk this Wednesday night (June 13 at 10pm) and we’ve got a sneak peak of the initial official line up. 

Todd Hanson (The Onion) – “showing a grocery store training video that changed his life.”
Cristina Cacioppo (92Y Tribeca programmer) – showing VHS trailers
Jibz Cameron (aka performer/artist Dynasty Handbag)
and more! 

Haven’t ever been to a VCR party before? Well, it’s a VHS-based variety show hosted Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher from the Found Footage Festival and Derrick Beckles from TV Carnage. Each month, the show features an all-star lineup of comedians, storytellers, and collectors sharing their video finds. Consider it high-brow channel surfing with drinks.