Last night’s VCR Party with the guys from The Found Footage Festival was rife with plenty of fuzzed out training videos, direct-to-video trailers and, what the hell, a woman giving live birth in the back of a police car.

We snapped a few photos of the proceedings and even managed to snag a video or two. The Found Footage guys will be back next month for another VCR Party, so keep an eye out for the date.

Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of The Found Footage Festival kicked things off with a McDonald’s instructional video that Nick swiped from work in 1991.

Seth Herzog of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” fame guided the crowd through his own Bar Mitzvah, his own personal painfully¬†embarrassing¬†relic from the VHS glory days. Here’s the young Steve Martin obsessive attempting to croon “Pennies from Heaven.” It’s… just watch.


Here are a couple of choice pictures on top of it all. See you next month!

Warming up the crowd