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Tuesday, June 19

5:05 pm, Theater 3:

Northside DIY Competition: Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty (2012); Tickets

Dir. James Yaehashi | Mid-life crises overtake a group of friends in this charming romantic comedy set in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Michael, Franklin and Lloyd are facing the precipice of middle-age. Michael, a former indie rocker, is a new dad and not sure how he feels about his life of comfortable domesticity. Franklin is a recently divorced college professor who’s convinced he’s a loser and no one will love him ever, ever again. Lloyd is an aspiring novella-ist and reluctant part-time notary who’s most successful at eating nachos and shunning commitment from his longtime on-again/off-again friend-with-benefits Kit. Q&A with director James Yaehashi after the film.


6:05 pm, Theater 1:

Northside DIY Shorts (Program 2); Tickets

The second batch of shorts for Northside’s DIY Shorts competition. Along with the seven from Monday, these six will duke it out for artistic integrity–also money. Q&A after. This show includes: Jacked, Dir. Aaron Kheifets; Food for the Worms, Dir. Miranda Pfeiffer; In My Shed, Dir. Agathe Dalisson; Corks Cattlebaron, Dir. Eric Steele; Flowers for Amber Gordon,  Dir: Jason Ryan Yamas; Revolution Reykjavik, Dir: Isold Uggadottir


7:15 pm, Theater 3

Northside DIY Competition: Flooding with Love for the Kid (2007); Tickets

Dir. Zachary Oberzan | A one-man adaptation of David Morrell’s novel First Blood (you know, Rambo) made entirely in a tiny studio apartment in Manhattan for a scant $96. The director’s attempt at tackling the expensive art of film making with no money and no resources.


8:10 pm, Theater 1:

Creative Non-Fiction (2009), Presented by The L Magazine; Tickets

Dir. Lena Dunham | Love Lena Dunham? Hate Lena Dunham? Love-hate Lena Dunham? Hate-love Dunham? With the success of her HBO series Girls, everyone seems to have an opinion on Lena Dunham these days. But before Girls got big, and Tiny Furniture went Criterion, there was Creative Non-Fiction the actor/director’s first feature about a young screenwriter trying to separate her troubled personal life from her art.


9:55 pm, Theater 1:

Take This Waltz (2011), Presented by Magnolia Pictures; Tickets

Dir. Sarah Polley | Commonly known on the Internet as “The Movie With Naked Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman,” director Sarah Polley’s new film Take This Waltz shatters that wrong-headed over-simplification with a story of a young married woman who’s forced to wrestle with her strong attraction to a new neighbor. Despite their restraint, the two continue to see one-another over a long Toronto summer. Q&A with actor Luke Kirby by L Magazine film editor Mark Asch.


10:15 pm, Theater 3:

Pioneer (2011) and Booster (2012), Presented by IFP; Tickets

Pioneer, Dir. David Lowery

A father tells his son the most epic bedtime story ever.

Booster, Dir. Matt Ruskin

When Simon’s brother is arrested for armed robbery, he is asked to commit a string of similar crimes in an attempt to get his brother acquitted.  Caught between loyalty to his brother and his own will, Simon is forced to examine his life. Q&A after the screening.


7-10pm; Lobby

SPARKMARKER: Richard Kern, Alexa Gerrity, Aida Ruilova, Diana Shpungin, and Darren Banks

With special clips of Rod Serling, David Lynch, and Charles Eames. Curated by Caryn Coleman