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Wednesday, June 20

4:45pm; Theater 1

Surf (2012) and Everyday Saturday (2012), Presented by Scene: Brooklyn; Tickets


Dir. Janice Biggs | Two best friends set out on a sunrise escapade to repair their recent falling out.

Everyday Saturday

Dir. Dorian Tocker| A woman sets out on a solitary life of retirement when her son moves back in after graduating from college. Her concern over her rudderless future becomes amplified by her son’s own post-collegiate anxieties. The film is a meditation on stasis, ennui, and the patterns of behavior that keep us from facing the future.

Q&A with Janice Biggs and Dorian Tocker after the films.


5:40pm; Theater 3

Northside DIY Competition: I Don’t Want to Kill Myself (2011); Tickets

Dir. Nathaniel Katzman |

When James fakes a suicide attempt to get his friend out of a DUI, he is sentenced to a suicide prevention group where he must convince everyone, including himself, that he does not in fact want to kill himself. As James begins to see these people for who they really are, he also learns that when making friends with the chronically depressed, losing someone to suicide is always a frighteningly real possibility. Trailer.

Q&A with Writer/Director Nathaniel Katzman and Writer/Producer Colby Day


7:30pm; Theater 1

Tilva Ros (2010), Presented by Visit Films; Tickets

Dir. Nikola Ležai? | Toda and Stefan are best friends, skaters, who spend their first summer after finishing high school shooting Jackass-style videos. Stefan’s going to Belgrade to college in the fall while Toda stays back home. When they both become enamored with a local girl, the two get into a quiet battle for her attention. Locked in a dying friendship the pair tries to get ahead of one another. Trailer.

Q&A with Director  Nikola Ležai? after the film.


7:45pm; Theater 3

Tough Guys (2012), Presented by Screen Slate; Tickets

Dir. Jon Dieringer | Find out what happens when you take Mean Streets and strip out all of the choice tracks from The Rolling Stones and The Ronettes and replaced them with cover versions pilfered from the Internet. By replacing Mick Jagger with stoned teenagers, Dieringer snubs his nose at the spider’s nest of lawyers and copyright law that can gum up the creative process. Trailer.

Q&A following with Director Jon Dieringer and Miriam Bale


9:55pm, Theater 1

Remains (2012) and King Kelly (2012), Presented by Filmmaker Magazine; Tickets


Dir. Jeremiah Zagar & Nathan Caswell | A blend of documentary and fiction, Remains is about recollection and fading memories. Combining three years of recorded voice messages with stunning macro photography, the film documents a relationship from its inception to its end.

King Kelly

Dir. Andrew Neel | King Kelly is an aspiring Internet star who performs webcam stripteases. When Kelly’s car – filled with illegal narcotics that she must deliver – is stolen by her bitter ex-boyfriend, Kelly and her best friendembark on an epic whirlwind of drugs, sex, violence, and mischief-making as Kelly tries to reclaim what is hers. Made entirely from camera-phone footage, King Kelly is a sensational journey through hedonistic American youth culture and the YouTube generation. The first feature from the director of Darkon.

Q&A with Andrew Neel  and Louise Krause after the show.


10:15pm, Theater 3

Daily Motion Shorts; Tickets

Daily Motion returns to Nitehawk with over 21 short films submitted by filmmakers from across the globe.

Q&A after screening with filmmakers


8:00pm; Lobby

Santina Amato – Untitled (Laneway) 
Alan and Michael Fleming – Lessons in Gravity

Presented by Northside Art