An artist film program about where ideas come from and how inspiration is manifested into visual forms.

Richard Kern, Alexa Gerrity, Aïda Ruilova, Diana Shpungin, and Darren Banks.
With special clips featuring Rod Serling, David Lynch, and Charles Eames.

Curated by Caryn Coleman

Screening: Wednesday, June 27, 8-10pm 

Nitehawk Cinema
Upstairs lobby screen
136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn (Williamsburg)



Conversations with Rod Serling – Writing for Television
“Where do ideas comes from”
Circa 1970, Ithaca College

Alexa Gerrity – Half-Sick of Shadows
2011, Single-channel video, Color, Original score, 5.57 minutes

Richard Kern – Death Valley ‘69
1986, Super-8 transferred to DVD, Color, Sound, 6.20 minutes

Design Q-and-A with Charles Eames
1972, On the occasion of qu’est ce que le design?, Louvre

Aïda Ruilova – Meet the Eye
2009, Single-channel video, Color, Sound, 7 minutes

Darren Banks – Clusterfuck 2 (Don’t Look In The Basement Remix)
2011, VHS footage, Color, Sound, 5.10 minutes

David Lynch – The idea is the whole thing
2006, Maharishi University

Diana Shpungin – Until it is no longer
2007/2011, Hand drawn, Digital video animation
Excerpt from continuous loop

Diana Shpungin – His View
2011, Hand drawn, Digital video animation
Excerpt from continuous loop

Richard Kern – Manhattan Love Suicides: Stray Dogs
1985, Super 8 transferred to DVD, Black and White, Sound, 10 minutes