One of our two (!) food specials for Moonrise Kingdom  is the lip-smackingly good S’more Pie courtesy of the First Prize Pies. Hatched asked First Prize Pies founder and baking goddess, Allison Kave, for a little story behind this delicious treat:

I first tried making this pie when I submitted it to the Brooklyn Pie Bake Off in 2009 – my Bourbon Ginger Pecan pie took best in show, but the S’mores was waaay too rich – I used Mast Bros dark chocolate, which I love, but it just didn’t have that nostalgic childhood campfire flavor. Now I use Callebaut milk chocolate, make the marshmallow by hand, and (my favorite part), use a blowtorch to toast the top (not one of those dinky little creme brulee torches – a real-deal hardware store propane torch). Go pyros!

*Editorial note: despite the image show customers, like George Jefferson, only get a piece of that pie.

Image credit: Nick Ferrari