Howdy folks! Kris here, sitting in for Caryn at the news desk, as our intrepid Nitehawk news-gatherer(er) is off doing enviable things like riding horses and shooting machine guns, possibly at the same time. Now. What’s the deal with this place? You can order food in the theater? Wild!

It’s hot outside, come see Midnight in P… er, From Rome With Love

This week, we have the newest from New York’s hottest young upstart Woody Allen, From Rome With Love, in which the director takes his first crack at acting since 2006’s Scoop (which wasn’t as bad as everyone says it was. What? It wasn’t!).

But just because we’re getting something new doesn’t mean we’re pitching out the old, we’re keeping all three movies we had last week: Wes Anderson’s newest, Moonrise Kingdom; the kind-of-sort-of-not-really Alien prequel Prometheus and cute time travel rom-com Safety Not Guaranteed.

Seriously, it’s hot outside, and we have a gigantic air conditioner.

It’s hot outside, come see Taxi Driver

Appropriately starting during the hottest weekend we’ve had this summer, our July “Summer in the City” Midnights is kicking off with Martin Scorsese’s steamy, horrifyingly creepy Taxi Driver. 7/6 and 7/7 at 12:15

It’s hot outside, come see Leave Her to Heaven in 35mm

In Technicolor! You don’t see it too often today, but the vibrant, over-saturated hues of Technicolor hearken back to Hollywood’s golden age, and still look pretty amazing up on the big screen. To jump start our month of Technicolor programming, we have the 1945 classic Leave Her to Heaven, likely the most colorful noir film to come out of the 1940’s. When a writer meets a peculiar but fetching woman on the train, the two quickly fall in love, but little does he know, she wants him all to herself, with deadly consequences.

It’s kind of like The Crush, except, you know, good. 7/7 and 7/8 at Noon.

VHS Vault returns with “Guilty Pleasure”

Did you guy’s know that it’s going to be hot this weekend? It’s going to be hot this weekend. And with weather like this, it’s hard to care about what you eat, what you wear, or what you watch as you desperately try to stay cool, making Summer prime-time for guilty pleasure cinema.

We here at Hatched rooted through our brand new box of tapes to dig out some top shelf 90’s junk-food. We’re kicking it off Monday with The Devil’s Advocate, which features both Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino at their best-worst. Monday, 7/9. Free, in the lobby.