Back from hanging out with monkeys and shooting machine guns to bring you this weeks latest and greatest NITEHAWK NEWS! Before we get down to it, let me just say that you all really like Moonrise Kindgom. I mean, you really, really, really like Moonrise Kingdom. Thanks for seeing it with us!

Technicolor Futures
Forbidden Planet spawned a Science-Fiction film legacy, one seen up until the very recent Prometheus. But trust us, this one from 1956 will still feel more authentic, more futuristic, and more fun than any CGI depiction ever could. Saturday (July 14) and Sunday (July 15) at 12:20pm. 

Banned in N.C.
Spoons Toons and Booze is back! For their special “BANNED” edition they’re showing a collection of cartoons from the olden times of the 1940s to the more recent olden times of the 1990s that weren’t allowed to be shown on TV or were pulled. I hear violence, devil worshipping, and all things offensive are on the agenda. Saturday (July 14) and Sunday (July 15) at noon.

City Buds
Remember when it was easy to love Eddie Murphy? So do we. But if you forgot, let the original buddy-cop (and, as we mentioned on Hatched, quite dark) city flick 48-Hours remind you. Friday (July 13) and Saturday (July 14) at 12:20am.

Lobby Sundays
With all the love we got for our Sunday night Mad Men screenings (and boy do we miss Don), we’ve decided to show the premiere of the new season of Breaking Bad. It starts this Sunday (July 15) and if all goes well then we’ll do the whole season. So if you want it, come and get it!

Lobby Mondays
VHS Vault is so bad it’s good this month, showing the best/worst “classics” from the ’90s. Up on the agenda for Monday night (July 16) is Batman Forever. You know you’ll need to see in prep for Dark Knight. Free in the lobby. Starts at 8pm.