Although Al Pacino’s role in our midnight movie this weekend Cruising (1980), as an undercover cop in a homosexual S&M underworld, may seem like an anamoly, it actually fits into the slew of swaggering characters of cops, agents, and lawyers he’s played throughout his career. (We’re leaving the flip-side of the law from his gangster roles for another day). Oscillating between portraying the good guys and bad guys while often revealing the fine line between the two, Pacino has made a mark on the embodying the complexities of the legal system in film. Here goes a sample…

The Son of No One as Detective Charles Stanford (2011)
The Recruit as CIA Agent Walter Burke 
Insomnia as homicide detective Will Dormer (2002). 
The Devil’s Advocate as laywer (and Satan) John Milton (1997)
Heat  as Lt. Vincent Hanna (1995) 
Sea of Love as Detective Frank Keller (1989)
Serpico as cop Frank Serpico (1979)
And Justice for All as lawyer Arthur Kirkland (1979)