Saturday at Noon, the Muppet Vault is opening up at Nitehawk with a slew of rare footage from the Jim Henson Workshop. To celebrate, we turn to the Nitehawk staff to find out their favorite Muppets. Basically, everyone said Animal.

Kris King, Co-Editor, Server

I have two favorite Muppets, really, but if I had to choose between Fozzie Bear and Gonzo the Great, I’d have to go with Gonzo, what with his weird nose and odd romantic obsession with chickens. I’m not sure what this says about me. On top of all of that he’s also a goddamn daredevil and plays the trumpet, albeit not well.

… I also like the La Choy Dragon


 Joe P, Bartender

I will say, I love Telly Monster (Dude was a nice shade of purple), and, of course, Count Von Count. That laugh is fucking haunting!



Ross B, Manager

Elmo. On the Christmas of 1997, I got a ragged, second hand Tickle-Me-Elmo, a popular item the year prior, and he was my only friend all through middle school. He is currently in a time capsule that I am not allowed to open until I am 60 years old.


Matthew B, Server

La Choy Dragon is awesome, but if we’re going for mainstream Muppets then I’ll stick with Kermit and Fozzie. Kermit represents the every man, while Fozzie has the wokka wokkas.

Also, the Tiny Fuppets.


Jess G, Manager

Simple: Miss Piggy.

Who doesn’t love a woman who gets younger with age?

An ex-beauty queen with self confidence, love for diamonds (really, anything that sparkles), karate skills (and will kick some ass), and has love only for a little skinny frog.

She’s a spy, a PIG IN SPACE, a movie star, a musician (I believe she played at Kazoo), and then there’s this…


Rhys L, Server

I like the Lord Chamberlain SkekSil from The Dark Crystal. He has sexy scales and an irresistible whimper.


Jen M, Manager

It’s a toss up between Beaker and those Yip Yip telephone Martians on Sesame Street.  Guess I have a thing for funny voices.


Lexi A, Server

I’m into Ernie. We are kindred spirits; like Ernie, I also love taking baths, tricking people, and keeping friends awake past their bedtimes. Also, my housemate IS Bert.


Billie P, Bartender



Jeremy O, Runner

Definitely ANIMAL!!!!! He’s my idol, and one bad ass drummer!


Alyse L, Server

My fave is ANIMAL.  Prolly cuz I got a thaaaang for drummers!


Mary K, Server

It’s all about Grover, little fuzzy klutzy guy who flies!


Joe M, Projectionist

Hell yeas Jen! The Yip Yip Telephone Martians are the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  But for “proper Muppets,” it’s Fozzie Bear.


Andy B, Performance Artist (Getting hit with cannonball)

The best Muppet is and will always be Sweetums. He rules. I have recurring dreams where he and I hang around and play dominoes and stuff. Also, Sesame Street would be nothing without Oscar the Grouch because without anger there can be no happiness.


Ben R, Server

How about Kermit singing the “Rainbow Connection?” I always liked that opening scene in the movie where he’s singing in the forest with a banjo because it’s the only part I remember. He really nails those key changes nicely. Also, him singing that song made me feel better as a child about being “different” (or “a future homosexual”).


John W, Cinema Director

What do you know about some Roosevelt Franklin?

Amanda V, Expediter 

Muppets represent the capitalist system and oppression.

Just kidding.

Bert and Ernie. Because they’re the best “roommates” ever. (True, but also meant to make Kris roll his eyes.) [No, you’re right, they’re basically gay icons at this point – K]


We had a bunch of late responses, so here they are: the favorite Muppets of tardy people:

John L.

#1: Marjory the trash heap from Fraggle Rock.
#2: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker.
#3: Lew Zealand the fish thrower

Oh god, Rowlf is totaly tied for my #1. How could I forget! Despite the craziness always going down during every weeks live performance; Rowlf was unflappable. I envy that.


Emily M, Server
Miss Piggy for being the original drag queen. The Swedish Chef because that shit is hilarious. And Alice Snuffleupagus (Snuffy’s baby sister) because her favorite food is brussel sprouts and she likes to roller skate… We are the same.


Brian P, Cranky Bartender

I know it’s too late, but it has to be Waldorf & Statler. I know nobody is surprised.


Melvin O, Projectionist

I always loved that scene that has Animal chasing a college girl around an auditorium screaming “Woman! Woman! Etc..” It perfectly illustrates my personal stance on modern Freudian relevancy while simultaneously presenting an argument for contemporary masculine reaction to the consequences of modern feminists movements and women’s liberation.

Also, Animal likes to eat certain things others would not, and I feel like we have that in common.