for Friday, July 27

Brunching with the Classics…
Blurring the boundaries between real life and fantasy, our Screaming Technicolor series goes out with a bang with Michael Powell and Eric Pressburger’s The Red Shoes

Oscar Winning silent film Wings storms in this weekend with Clara Bow, live-action aerial shots, and live music by B.REED/G.GERSH.

Midnight vigalante…
Part of a wave of films that bring the horrors of the Vietnam War back to America, The Exterminator tries to get New York clean. This ain’t no Batman, baby.

Still going strong…
Our main movies stay the same: Beasts of the Southern Wild, To Rome with Love, and the ever-popular Moonrise Kingdom.

VHS Vault
Excuse me sir, but there’s some porn in my video. Depending on when our VCR gets released from the hospital, the August VHS Vault series is one steaming pile of pseudo-porn. Stay tuned.

And our own Ross Brunetti loves the G Train baby. Watch his video here…and vote.