Leading up to this weekend’s screening of Better off Dead (part of the Love, Life, and Death brunch series), Hatched gives you FIVE DAYS OF CUSACK in which we talk about five of our favorite John Cusack movies…


The only problem with the Camera Crowe’s otherwise splendid Say Anything is the story-line that Lloyd Dobler isn’t good enough for Diane Court (Ione Skye). Any girl from any social hierarchy would sell her soul to have a considerate, Clash-shirt-and-trench-coat-wearing, kick-boxing, shaking-with-love-after-sex, boom-box-in-the-air, cutie-pie-like Lloyd Dobler. I mean, to think of him as a “lovable loser” is insane. He’s a misfit in all the right ways

Besides the obvious love story between Lloyd and Diane, Say Anything is ultimately about family – the ones that you make and the ones you are given. It’s about deciding when to set boundaries, when to grow up, and when to take chances on that leap to adulthood. Dobler’s relationship with his single-mother sister (his real life sister, the amazing Joan Cusack) and her son is the clincher in making an audience swoon. His commitment to his friends is another. But at the core, it’s the bond he forms with Diane in her coming to terms with her severely dysfunctional father who, amongst other things, stole money from elderly people. 

Say Anything is a sincere teenage angst movie that isn’t about fart jokes and boob shots but more about what it’s like to be different and how being different is actually a benefit. John Cusack embodies this spirit throughout much of his career – a handsome yet somehow on the outside type of every-guy.