Leading up to this weekend’s screening of Better off Dead (part of the Love, Life, and Death brunch series), Hatched gives you FIVE DAYS OF CUSACK in which we talk about five of our favorite John Cusack movies…


Walking on sunshine.

I dare you to watch High Fidelity and not fall in love with the neurotic self-discovery journey of record store owner Rob Gordon (John Cusack). As in Say Anything, Cusack is cast as the charismatic under-achiever who does a bit of sole-searching through a very stylized and romantic look at his top five break-ups of all time. Only difference is that here, in his thirties, he kind of is a little bit of a loser. But still a hot one.

Based on the British novel by Nick Hornby, High Fidelity translates well into the United States by accurately capturing Chicago in the early 2000s (which is pretty much Chicago today). From the vinyl-obsessed to the slacker tribes, the film triumphs in its ultimate DIY spirit. Does heartbreak inspire a better version of yourself? Perhaps. But in the process get ready to go mad, have one-night stands, drunkenly self-evaluate, and listen to good music.