Leading up to this weekend’s screening of Better off Dead (part of the Love, Life, and Death brunch series), Hatched gives you FIVE DAYS OF CUSACK in which we talk about five of our favorite John Cusack movies…


Whoever decided to cast John Cusack (and Woody Harrelson) in an apocalyptic/disaster/action movie deserves a pot of treasures golden. The sarcasm, the intellect, and the drive (literally) of Cusack makes what would normally be just an over-the-top and unreal disaster flick into an adventurous ride with someone the audience would actually like to be stuck with.

Again, Cusack is cast as the man – a divorced father employed as a driver – who isn’t living up to his potential, try as he might. But when a massive quake takes down Los Angeles, he’s there to save his family and ultimately others that include a Russian family and their dog. I mean, the joy-ride through a falling city by Cusack who manages to drive through falling downtown Los Angeles skyscrapers, around massive sinkholes, and finally only to help fly a plane to CHINA is such a thrill.

If this movie had cast any of the typical characters, it would’ve been a total bust. Instead, Cusack’s “too cool for school” smarts actually make it enjoyable. Never before has the end of the world – and poking fun at LA – been so much fun. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcpCUh3djoI&w=560&h=315]