Good internetting, Nitehawk devotees. Co-editor Kris here standing in for Caryn at the news desk as she is currently drowning in paperwork, perhaps never to be seen again.

Farewell Rome, Hello Sugar Man

While we’re still screening Moonrise Kingdom and Beasts of the Southern Wild, we’re excited to welcome acclaimed music doc Searching for Sugar Man to our marquee. The documentary follows a pair South African blues fans who set out to find Rodriguez, a famed blues musician who spent several decades flying so far below the radar that many thought he was dead. (He isn’t)

Now Approaching Midnight

We’ve got two midnight specials for you guys this Friday and Saturday. As part of our animated series of midnights there’s Ralph Bakshi’s twisted Tolkien-esque yarn Wizards, in which the Brooklyn based animator sets a warring pair of magical brothers against each other with disturbing results. The second midnight comes from The Raspberry Bros. who will be riffing over everyone favorite Reagan era aviation based thrill ride Top Gun. Expect a scientology joke or two.


Only one brunch this movie this week, but it’s an exciting one. This weekend at noon, John Cusack is Better Off Dead! TWO DOLLARS! TWO! DOLLARS!


In Other News

The café projector has finally been installed, which means next month we’ll be starting a new slew of special events, games, and screenings down in the bar. Starting in September, Breaking Bad will be moving downstairs, as well as our weekly VHS Vault screenings! Also, who likes drinking games? We like drinking games! Screen Shots, our drinking game movie night, will be making its café premiere next month.