Hey folks, Kris here again covering the news for you this week. Caryn and I knocked heads yesterday and decided that I will be doing the News more often, mainly because she’s done it every week while I have stayed at home, played video games and acted like a generally unproductive toss-pot. No longer! I am now officially your Semi-Regular Co-Anchor for all things Nitehawk. Now let’s get this over with, those video games aren’t going to play themselves.

Week of August 24 – August 30

This week we are staying in a holding pattern with Moonrise Kingdom, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Searching for Sugarman, but we have some fun stuff planned on top of it including…

Beasts of the Southern Wild Oprah Viewing Party

Nitehawk has finally received the long coveted Oprah endorsement this week, as we will be hosting a free screening of Beasts of the Southern Wild along with a live episode of Oprah’s OWN program Super Soul Sunday, where the media mogel(ess?) will interview several of the film’s stars. The screening starts at 10:45 am on Sunday (8/26), get your free tickets here. We will not be serving brunch for this screening, but everyone will get free hushpuppies! You get some hushpuppies! You get some hushpuppies! You get some hushpuppies! Everybody gets some hushpuppies!

… Sorry.

Gothamist and Nitehawk Cinema presents Metropolitan with Whit Stillman

If you haven’t already gotten your ticket for Tuesday’s Gothamist hosted Metropolitan screening with writer/director Whit Stillman, you are out of luck, because we are sold slam out. It still should be fun though, keep an eye on the blog for video of the Q&A next week.

Killer Midnights. Would you like to know more?

We are closing out our Animation Attacks block of midnights with Starship Troopers. 1) Because of its incredible mix of traditional and CG effects, which have held up extremely well, and 2) Because IT’S AFRAID. We’ll be playing this Paul Verhoeven classic Friday and Saturday nights at Midnight, and will feature a pre-show put together by yours truly! So come and see it and make me feel good about myself. Tickets.

We are also happy to play William Friedkin’s new country fried Texas comedy/thriller Killer Joein which Matthew Mcconaughey plays a hit man who is both charming and terrifying. The film is NC-17 and has an awesome trailer. Tickets. Update: This movie RULES.

Love. Death. Brunch.

Also closing out our series on Love and Death is Baz Luhrmann hyper-90’s take on Romeo + JulietIf you haven’t already, check out Caryn’s piece on seeing the film for the first time way back in the innocent, sun-drenched days of 1996. Tickets.

Spoons, Toons and Booze

Time again for Spoons, Toons and Booze, our monthly regression fest where we pack you full of sugar cereal and alcohol as our friends from Secret Formula guide you through the best and worst of Saturday Morning junk food. This months theme is Gone Wild, so expect to see your childhood favorites do things that will probably make you feel a little bit weird. Tickets.

Breaking Bad

As is the deal with every Sunday, we will be playing this week’s episode of Breaking Bad on our bright new cafe screen downstairs. Come in early to grab a cozy spot because the bar fills up quickly.

Coming in September

That’s it for this week, next month we start our back to school series of Midnights and Brunches with Detention at night and Home Room during the day, and we’re kicking things into high gear for the new cafe screen with a new series of events including movie drinking games, trivia night and a cross-platform bootleg concert night.