In September, Nitehawk Cinema will be taking you back to school with a series of Midnight Movies and Brunch Films that explore both the sweet and the rebellious sides of life coming up in our nation’s twisted education system. September also marks the opening of our new Cafe screen, where we’ll be hosting our free VHS Vault screenings, and new events including a drinking game night, a bootleg concert series and a movie trivia night.


August 31 & September 1; Midnight

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (1979) | Tickets

In Roger Corman’s love letter to making your parents angry, P.J. Soles (Stripes, Halloween [“TOtally – ed]) stars as the world’s biggest Ramones fan who’s just trying to score some tickets to the group’s big show. When the Principal and parents try to destroy this new breed of racket, the kids launch a coup against their square oppressors with The Ramones in tow to play the war cry.


September 1 & September 2; Noon

Valley Girl (1983) | Tickets

This wackadoo 80’s version of Romeo and Juliet features a larval Nic Cage as a California punk who finds forbidden love with a bubbly girl from the valley (Deborah Foreman). On the surface, the film may be difficult to separate from the endless stream of teen comedies from the early 80’s, but Valley Girl lays the charm on thick and relishes the genre’s good-hearted, goofball nature.


September 1 & September 2; Noon

Country Brunchin’ Presents: Cool Hand Luke (1967) | Tickets

For our second Country Brunchin’ event, we’re happy to host the sweatiest movie ever made (according to Cheers, at least), Cool Hand Luke. Come see handsome Paul Newman shelling out handsome rebellion against his not-so-handsome captors in a Florida prison. Country Brunchin’ house band The Gentlemen Callers will be on hand to play a few songs before the movie, so be sure to grab a seat early.


September 3; 8pm | Cafe | Free

VHS Vault Presents: Airplane! (1980)

VHS Vault returns in September in its new location down in the cafe. This month we’ve pulled some of our favorite comedies from the vault, and we’re starting things off with Airplane!, the greatest movie ever made.


September 5; 8pm | Cafe | Free

Bootlegger Night

The first in our series of monthly events to take place at our freshly minted Cafe screen, Bootlegger Night will screen rare VHS concert videos from the likes of Beastie Boys, Minor Threat, The Replacements and many more. After the movie, we’ll be spinning tunes from the era carefully selected by our own Joe Palacios. This month’s bootleg special comes from The Beastie Boys.


September 7 & September 8; Midnight

National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) | Tickets



September 7 & September 8; Midnight

LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA Presents: Microcosmos (1996)

Live Score by Long Distance Poison | Tickets

Carl Sagan may have explored the stars and beyond in Cosmos, but this French documentary takes a closer look at the small wonders that flitters around us all the time. As this is a LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA event, we’ll be matching the film’s amazing photography of some of the world’s tiniest critters with a live score performed by Long Distance Poison. It will kind of like going to science class, except with alcohol and a band.


September 8 & September 9; Noon

Back to School (1986) | Tickets

When slovenly millionaire  Thornton Melon heads to college to show his son the importance of a education, he becomes king of the school with his insane parties and badass skills on the high dive. Movie features an amazing cast that includes Robert Downy Jr, Sam Kinison, Ned Beatty, M. Emmet Walsh, and Oingo Boingo–also, the world’s greatest Kurt Vonnegut joke.


September 10; 8pm | Cafe | Free

VHS Vault Presents: Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996)

VHS Vault comedy month continues with a healthy dash of Canadian wit from The Kids in the Hall. When a team of scientists create the world’s most powerful anti-depressant, the drug gets rushed into production, catapulting them into wealth and celebrity. The only problem being that the group’s wonder drug has a rather nasty side-effect. In his televised review of the film, Roger Ebert called Brain Candy “awful, terrible, dreadful, stupid, idiotic, unfunny, labored, forced, painful, bad,” so come show Roger Ebert a thing or two about what’s funny.


September 12; 8pm | Cafe | Free

Screen Shots Drinking Game Night: The Big Lebowski (1998)

For Screen Shots, our free monthly drinking game party in the cafe, we’re inviting you all to settle in and toss back a couple of dozen drinks (or just a couple) while shouting things at a screen. Our first drinking game movie will be The Big Lebowski, so get ready to drink whenever The Dude drinks, or smokes, or talks about CCR, or whatever else we can think of between now and the 12th.


September 14 & September 15; Midnight

River’s Edge (1986) Tickets

A gang of teens have mixed feelings when one of their own up and murders his girlfriend–but not a one of them reports the crime to the police. The film stars Crispin Glover as the gang’s leader who bullies and persuades his group into keeping their friend’s crime under wraps, which forces many of them to cope with the burden through booze and drugs.


September 15 & September 16; Noon

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) | Tickets

Relive the horrifyingly awkward years of puberty all over again, except with significantly better looking people this time.


September 17; 8pm | Cafe | Free

VHS Vault Presents: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

From quirky Canadians to downright bizarre Englishmen, it’s one of the ultimate comedies of the VHS era: Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


September 21 & September 22; Midnight

Carrie (1976) presented in 35 mm | Tickets

The very first Stephen King adaptation from Brian De Palma, which helped the director, the author and the film’s star, Sissy Spacek, become household names. One of the rare horror films to earn Academy recognition, both Spacek and Piper Laurie received acting nominations for their work, the latter for her chilling and intense performance of Carrie’s over-protective mother. Frankly, the film should be mandatory viewing in the nation’s public school system as a bullying deterrent. Be nice to the weird girl kids, she may blow up prom with her mind.


September 24; 7:30pm | Cafe | Free

VHS Vault Presents: After Hours (1985)

We’re closing out our month of VHS-era comedies with a bit of a curve-ball from Martin Scorsese. Made while the director struggled to get The Last Temptation of Christ off the ground, After Hours shows Scorsese at his most playful and kinetic, and features a dynamite comic performance from its star, Griffin Dunne. After a late night trist with an artist goes south, 9-to-5 schlub Paul Hackett (Dunne) finds himself trapped in SoHo with all of the hostility and weirdness of the entire city raining down on him. Cast includes Rosanna Arquette, Teri Garr, John Heard, Catherine O’Hara, Cheech and Chong, Bronson Pinchot and, the king of the character actors himself, Dick Miller.


September 28 & September 29; Midnight

Switchblade Sisters (1975) presented in 35mm | Tickets

The ultimate bad girl exploitation film, Switchblade Sisters has everything you could ever want in a movie: girls, girls with guns, girls with knives, girls wearing leather, girls kicking ass, and a girl with an eye patch. We’ve secured a 35mm print of the film, which will almost certainly be decrepit and ratty–just the way it should be.


September 28; Midnight & September 30; Noon

LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA Presents: The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926)

Live Score by Morricone Youth | Tickets

The oldest surviving animated film on record, Prince Achmed features cardboard cutouts painstakingly crafted and animated frame-by-frame. Like shadow puppets dancing in the light, the film is an intricate visual symphony, and will be backed with a new original score performed in theater by Nitehawk favorites Morricone Youth.


September 29 & September 30; Noon

Three O’Clock High (1987) presented in 35mm | Tickets

When dweeby Jerry runs afoul with his school’s new psychopath bully, he does everything within his power to get the hell out of dodge before his 3 o’clock date with getting his ass kicked.