LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA Presents: Microcosmos with live score from Long Distance Poison

September 7 and September 8; Midnight | Tickets

This weekend we’re happy to host Brooklyn based “cave psych analog drone” group Long Distance Poison as they drone, blip and buzz their way through French bug documentary Microcosmos.

Below we’ve collected a few tracks from LDP’s website, all of them clocking in at around the 30 minute mark. So if you’re plugging away at your desk right now, throw one of these on as background noise and watch that productivity fly.

Then think about how cool it will sound alongside giant images of crazy looking bugs.

The Mother of the Egg from Long Distance Poison


Long Distance Poison – Signals To A Habitable Zone – Signal I


Long Distance Poison – Live at Death by Audio | Jan 9, 2012