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DailyMotion and Hatched have teamed up once again to bring you brief interviews with the MotionMakers filmmakers in their latest Cinema Selects screening. Coming out in series of three.

1. Give a short pitch of your video (1-3 short sentences)
2. What was your inspiration for this project?
3. What’s your the best story from this shoot?
4. What’s next? Do you have anything in the pipe you’d like to talk about
5. What was the last Dailymotion video (that wasn’t yours…) that you enjoyed?


With a Piece of Chalk – Julien Bam, Gong Bao, Michael Hilli, Vincent Lee – 3m46

1. A young boy called Justen, who went through doleful past, discoveres a way to change his situation greatly.

 2. We think that many young kids nowadays are addicted to their video games and computers and also have their own smart phones already. We, as kids didn’t had anything of that and therefore played other games, like the game with the boxes and the numbers. We ran, we jumped, we danced, and this is what kids should do in those ages. We don’t want to criticize so much. We rather show the audience how important dancing can be by telling a story. (In the movie: The little kid escapes his misery by dancing and playing and finally feeling free)

We found Justen over the internet and, overwhelmed by his talent, directly contacted him and his parents. Since they were really nice and open for that we started to plan and organize the shootings. We were not only fascinated by his dance moves, but also by his acting and his dedication during the shootings.

3. Well the best story was, that even though we had to pay a lot money for the location only, the shootings went really good! For us it is most important to work together in harmony and have a good time while the shootings. We had that a lot. Justen is really cute, his parents are really friendly, the team was awesome, and nothing bad happened (like usually in our shootings: Like a light spoils, cable is missing, actor doesnt come, changing the story on set, no food, etc. )

4. Well for us I have to say, we will definitely keep on doing more and more “dance” videos! To inspire people not only to dance , but also to show what you can do with a camera and a simple idea. And we want to give the people something beautiful to think about. We are working very hard, to bring more and more quality and better storytelling into our movies. So for us it is important to level up with each project!

We are currently working on a new project, where Bao and me (Julien) will be starring again! 🙂

 5. It’s funny because I just watched it right before responding this e-mail! I watched “First human voice beamed from another planet”.


Too Late – Rani Naamani– 2m6

1. John finds himself struggling against time as he painfully morphs into something else…

2. The idea stemmed and came to me from a conversation my friends and I were having during lunch. One friend was talking about how his sister made it as an extra in an episode of the walking dead. That got me thinking of zombies, one idea led to another and then BINGO!

3. We filmed the short over the weekend. It took us a long time to get the shots we needed and have all the makeup, lighting, etc. ready. We ended up filming till 5 in the morning!!! and we had work the next day!!! I guess the ironic part of this story is that when we arrived to work that day we walked and responded like zombies!!!

4. I have more ideas in the works. The challenge at this point are the logistics. Filming anything outside a house requires permits and tons of paper work, so it’s tough and time consuming. So I’m trying to hone in on the simple ideas that can be done at home. That being said, I can’t wait to start the next one 🙂

5. I really enjoyed the Amish skydiving video! for me it’s always interesting to see a character put in an environment which he’s not used to. These kinds of situations are interesting because you will, for the first time, learn and see how they would react. Moreover, the little details like the hat ripping and him grabbing it till the jump is over are icing on the cake!! really fun stuff!!


Coffees – Alex Beh – 10m39

1. Well the tagline is: Love will make you do irrational acts of kindness. Coffees is about a guy who goes to his ex-girlfriend’s house to try and win her back by bringing her a cup of coffee.

2. My inspiration for Coffees came from wondering what would happen if a guy went over to his ex-girlfriends house to just simply do a nice thing like bringing her a coffee, and my mind wandered off and thus became the film.

3. The best story from the shoot is How we got the 1969 280 SL Mercedes for the shoot: I saw the beautiful car parked out front of Jory’s place, I called Jory while I was parking to ‘run out and put a note on that car!’ He did, we watched the car every 20 minutes or so for a few hours, and sure enough a woman was walking toward the car wearing a big hat and sunglasses, well Jory yells ‘Alex theres a girl walking toward the car! It’s gotta be hers!’ So we ran out and flagged her down, she probably thought we were crazy (and when you find out who it was, you’ll know why), well we stop her in front of the car and I say; ‘Miss, miss, I’m Alex Beh, I’m an actor and a director, and I’m directing a film, and this car is perfect for it, do you think you’d let us use it?’ She follows up with; ‘well of course you can use it, I understand where you are coming from you see, I’m an actress too, my name’s Michelle Monaghan.’

 4. I’m in pre-production on my feature which I’ve written, I’m producing, directing and starring in called “WARREN”, being produced by Orian Williams (Control, Mystery White Boy, Big Sur), Dallas Sonnier & Jack Heller, along with Mark Hannah, Jory Cordy will be co-producing. Mark Foster is doing the music for the picture.

 5. Probably this video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xt3zld_first-human-voice-beamed-from-another-planet_news