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DailyMotion and Hatched have teamed up once again to bring you brief interviews with the MotionMakers filmmakers in their latest Cinema Selects screening. Read Part One here.

1. Give a short pitch of your video (1-3 short sentences)
2. What was your inspiration for this project?
3. What’s your the best story from this shoot?
4. What’s next? Do you have anything in the pipe you’d like to talk about
5. What was the last Dailymotion video (that wasn’t yours…) that you enjoyed?


Print– Matt Porter, Charlie Hankin– 1m51
View video here

1. Matt and Charlie need to print a photo, but there is a problem.

 2. This video was inspired by a boring thing we had to deal with on an unrelated shoot (a short Matt directed called Shiksa). We needed to print something and saw the exact error message we used in this video.

3. About three hours passed between the final couple of shots in this–we had to pause filming in order to go to a meeting.

4. We make a new video every week, so you can expect more Good Cop Great Cop on an ongoing basis.

 5. Video link 


How to be a DJ – Tyler Gildin – 3m17
View video here

1. The video is a mock-infomercial parodying the recent surge in popularity of House Music and those claiming to be a “DJ”.

2. We knew a lot of kids who were claiming to be DJs even though they had very little talent or skill. Just playing an ipod doesn’t make someone a DJ, so we thought it would be a funny concept to come up with a “How to be a DJ” video.

3. We scrapped every shot from our entire first day of shooting and started all over again the next day.

4. Do you have anything in the pipe you’d like to talk about? Nothing specific at the moment but there will definitely be more videos to come. 

5. The Ex-box episodes are always enjoyable.


Love Letter to Plywood – Tom Sachs – 10m17
View video here

1. Loveletter to Plywood is a short film honoring the queen of building materials by illustrating how to properly treat her. 

2. The film was Sachs’ idea. I served as director, cinematographer, co-writer and hand model.  The film was inspired by the films of Charles and Ray Eames, especially The Making of the Fiberglass Chair and their second unit work on Billy Wilder’s Spirit of St. Louis—but they’re all pretty great.

3. There’s a sequence where we explain tablesaw safety.  At the end of the sequence a hand goes through the tablesaw, severing 2 fingers and spraying fake blood on the camera lens.  We finished shooting at night after tom had left the studio.  After cleaning up the mess, we collected the bloody severed finger and put it in a ziplock.  Then we left it on tom’s desk with a note saying something like, “The deed is done.” I think he was more  psyched than horrified.

4. Currently we’re editing Mars Mission, a feature-length (we hope!) narrative about tom’s May 2012 “Space Program 2.0: Mars” show at the Park Avenue Armory.  It was shot as a documentary, but we’re adding some fiction in the edit so’s it don’t get too boring.

5. The Lenny Cook Story teaser by The Safdies and Adam Shopkorn.  I can’t wait until the movie comes out.