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DailyMotion and Hatched have teamed up once again to bring you brief interviews with the MotionMakers filmmakers in their latest Cinema Selects screening. Read: Part One | Part Two 

1. Give a short pitch of your video (1-3 short sentences)
2. What was your inspiration for this project?
3. What’s your the best story from this shoot?
4. What’s next? Do you have anything in the pipe you’d like to talk about
5. What was the last Dailymotion video (that wasn’t yours…) that you enjoyed?


Orgstep Dubgasm – Eclectic Method – 1m52
View video here

1. Orgstep Dubgasm is a collection of Orgasmic scenes from movies cutup and joined back together in a dubstep manner.

2. When Harry Met Skrillex

3. We didn’t want to go all the way offense wise , so we tried to cut, blur and edit out all nipples.

4. Yes lots, can’t stop really. Almodovar mixtape, remixing “the Man with the Iron Fists”

5. Allez Viens



? (Alt-J) Breezeblocks –Ellis Bahl- 3m47
View video here

1. Breezeblocks is a murder in reverse.  

2. The song and Memento

3. We were 7 hours over our 12 hour limit in the space we had rented and we were on the very last shot of the day.  Our DP was struggling to get the angle he wanted because of the tight quarters in the bathroom.  The only way he could get the last shot was by sitting on the sink with the camera.  As he sat down, the sink broke and came out of the wall.  All of a sudden the bathroom was flooding with water from the broken pipes below.  That really sucked.  We hired a plumber with the very last remaining dollars from our budget. 

4. I’m directing a music video for Walk Off the Earth and planning to travel somewhere at sometime. 

5. Anything by The Moon!  Those kids are great. 


Psycho(s) – Frank Hudec – 3m
View video here

1. ‘psycho(s)’ – A video mash-up of the famous Hitchcock shower scene with the Gus Van Sant re-make.

2. I had read about Douglas Gordon’s Though the Looking Glass (1999) where the iconic “You talking to me?” scene from TAXI DRIVER is projected across from a mirrored image of the same scene, so that Travis Bickle is literally talking to himself. I never saw it, but the idea seemed pretty brilliant. Somehow that same day, I ended up in a conversation about the Gus Van Sant version of PSYCHO that was supposed to be a shot for shot remake of the Hitchcock original. That got me wondering what the two shower scenes would look like layered on top of one another.

3. It was a very tedious editing job. First of all, the shower scenes are not the same. Gus Van Sant had extra shots (tempestuous sky, cows, eye pupils dilating). So I used the original as the template and broke it down shot for shot, then placed the Van Sant matching shots over the Hitchcock. It didn’t work at first, so I decided to flip the original so the two images would be walking through one another. It also makes it easier to see how much more expressive and sexy Janet Leigh was in comparison to Anne Heche. I will admit I found it disturbing having to spend hours fine cutting alternating stabbing knife and female body shots.

4. After ‘psycho(s),’ I did two promotional films for the events website partycrasher (also known as ‘PC’). They are done as advertisements for fake ‘PC’ products.

 Other than that, I am writing several screenplays and trying to get my current favorite THE SLEEPING SHEPHERD financed. Should any producers be reading this, it was inspired by the story of Stéphane Breitwieser who stole almost two-billion dollars in art only to have his co-dependent mother throw it all into a Rhine canal.

I am also writing a graphic novel called NECROPOLIS.

 5. Someone recently introduced me to the band The xx. I like their video for ISLANDS.