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DailyMotion and Hatched have teamed up once again to bring you brief interviews with the MotionMakers filmmakers in their latest Cinema Selects screening. Read: Part One | Part Two | Part Three

1. Give a short pitch of your video (1-3 short sentences)
2. What was your inspiration for this project?
3. What’s your the best story from this shoot?
4. What’s next? Do you have anything in the pipe you’d like to talk about
5. What was the last Dailymotion video (that wasn’t yours…) that you enjoyed?


Jacked – Aaron Kheifets – 9m45
View video here

1. It’s a classic boy-meets-girl, girl-robs-guy-blind story. It’s just like Before Sunrise but with more sex and crimes.

2. On the practical side, we had a network of extremely talented people that we wanted to work with. We’d had enough waiting around and letting ideas die on the table, so we decided to just make something in a weekend. Everyone just blocked off their schedules and we made it happen. I think you can see How much everyone likes each other in pretty much every shot of the movie. On the conceptual side, I think we all wanted to make something about making mistakes for good reasons. Mistakes get a bad wrap.

3. In one of the scenes at the bar, you can see basically everyone in the crew drinking near the entrance. The Lighthouse was so nice about letting us shoot there, we figured some of us had to bite the bullet and have a drink or six. I’d say that informed some of the following scenes.

4. Daniella Pineda (the lead in the movie) and I are working on a feature called Cocaine Sleepover. It’s a comedy horror film that takes place in 1972, when a bunch of girls at a sleepover try cocaine. Complications (murders) ensue. I’m also doing a webseries that’s essentially Mystery Science Theater 3000 for video games called PlayTime with Dan and Aaron. We already have a bunch of them up for Diablo 3. If you like videogames, it is awesome. If you don’t play videogames, what? I don’t play videogames either. They’re for nerds…to whom I give noogies to. Will you please date me?

5. I love that Good Cop Great Cop fake commercial for Dave’s Bar and Grill.


Roberto Benigni Portrait – Jason Borbay – 1m22
View video here

1. The owner of Stecchino — a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, spotted a mural I painted with Jeremy Penn on West 57th, and commissioned me to create a canvas related to the word ‘Stecchino’, which is Italian for toothpick. As it happens, the brilliant Roberto Benigni starred in a movie entitled Stecchino, so I painted this picture and captured the process in a time lapse video. Incidentally, the soundtrack was done by MH The Verb, who I met at Cinema Selects.

2. Whenever creating a portrait, I strive first to capture the visual likeness of the subject, then infuse the picture with meaningful subtext… both literally with the headlines and implied with the feel of the painting. Benigni is an Oscar winner, so I wanted to create the bold image of a winner.

3. When I finished the painting and sent the video to the collector, he called me back in two minutes and said, “it’s a win”. 

4. Two big things: I’ll be participating in Red Bull Curates NYC on September 13th in Brooklyn. Next, I’m having my biggest solo show to date this fall downtown, entitled “Kick Ass Actors in Kick Ass Roles” which will showcase my celebrity portraits, including PittDeppTherouxDay Lewis and more. Worth noting, I was also recently featured by the BBC and New York Runner Magazine.

5. Hands down, fellow artist Jeremy Penn’s video: Painting Yonatan — it’s a gutsy picture and a wonderful process.