Judging by all of the fall coats people have busted out in recent weeks, you people are ready for autumn and, by extension, our insanely awesome slate of Horror films next month. You’ll have to calm yourself for one more week though, because, like it or not, there are still a few more days in September so keep your pumpkins on for a few more days.

Patience! It’s a virtue! At least, that’s what they say. In any case, movies, let’s talk about them.


Scrub Yourself and Make Yourself Clean for The Master

Since you guys can’t stop seeing the beautiful, puzzling, impossible-to-wrap-your-head-around The Master (Tickets), we’re keeping it in two theaters this week, which means there will be plenty of chances for you to see the movie then not really know what to say about it once it’s over. “You lied to me, that wasn’t Transformers!” said one frustrated movie-goer last week. He’s right. It’ not Transformers. We played that last month.

This weekend we’re also screening the premiere of Dosa Hunt, where Stereogum‘s Amrit Singh ushers members of Das Racist, Vampire Weekend, Neon Indian, Yeasayer, and Vijay Iyer around New York City to find the town’s best Dosa–a traditional South Indian crepe. There’s a Q&A after the the show with the filmmakers, and… most of the shows have sold out already. There’s one left, though! Go for it! (Tickets)

In theater 3, Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me (Tickets) continues to charm audiences twenty-eight people at a time–because that’s how many people fit in theater 3.



It’s time for our monthly Morricone Youth visit this week as the movie-minded group presents yet another score of a silent-movie favorite. This time it’s the fantastically animated 1926 feature Prince Achmed (Tickets). There will be two screenings of Achmed, one Friday night at Midnight, the second at 11:30 am on Sunday.


Brunch-O-Clock High

We’re closing out our Home Room Brunch Series this month with Three O’Clock High (Tickets), a tale of being a nerd in high school and the constant fear of some ogre beating the ever-loving shit out of you. The film screens Saturday and Sunday at Noon.


Folky Gang-Fight Midnight Train

We have two midnight movies for you this weekend, one on a train full of folkies, the other about a bunch of girls that will cut you, man.

To close out our After School Detention series of midnights, we have the ultimate group of badass girls, The Dagger Debs, in Switchblade Sisters (Tickets). We’re playing this exploitation classic on an amazing 35mm print, so come see it in all of its grim celluloid glory. I’ll be there!

The second midnight feature is the new music-doc Big Easy Express (Tickets), where indie-folkies Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Mumford & Sons all hop aboard a classy old-time passenger train for a train-whistle tour from Oakland to New Orleans.


V/H/S Premiere

Okay, now we can talk about October and how awesome it is. We’re kicking things off RIGHT this October with the New York premiere of V/H/S, the new fuzzed out horror anthology film from five different horror directors (Including Hatched favorite Ti West). There’s a party afterwards and attendance is free thanks to Fangoria, Magnet and Bulldog Gin. RSVP: rsvpmagny@gmail.com.


VHS Vault – October Nightmares

Speaking of VHS, we’re horroring-out with VHS Vault this month, pulling five titles off the wall to screen. On Monday, Oct 1, we’ll be screening killer kids movie Devil Times Five (1974), where five pint-sized murder maestros take out their teenaged angst on a group of affluent assholes. Screening is Free and down in the Cafe. Come grab a pint and watch Leif Garrett kill some people.

That’s it for this week! Come back next week where we’re just going to bombard you with a major dose of horror movie nerdery. On Monday we’re starting our annual 31 Days of Horror marathon where our editors Kris King and Caryn Coleman will be watching 31 horror films they haven’t seen and chronicling it every day on Hatched.