Ah, October. The time of year when watching an ungodly amount of horror movies is not only socially acceptable, it’s downright encouraged. That’s why we go a little nuts around Halloween-time in October and we overload our calendar with all kinds of spooky special events. Here’s what you can expect to kick the month off right:

31 Days of Horror

This month, us Hatched editors–Kris King and Caryn Coleman–will be spending all of our spare time watching horror movies we haven’t seen and covering it for the blog. We’re not so inventively calling it “31 Days of Horror.” Some of these movies will be screened in the cafe for this month’s VHS Vault series, others you will have to dig up yourself. There’s no real schedule for what movies we will cover, so if you want to see your favorite off-the-radar horror film covered drop us a line.


Monday, Oct 1 | 8pm | Free

VHS Vault  Presents: Devil Times Five (1974)

We’re starting off our October “Family Values” VHS Vault series with the morbid little Devil Times Five, where a group of insane kiddies torture a house full of square adults.


Tuesday, Oct 2 | 9:30 pm | RSVP

V/H/S Premiere

Nitehawk, Magnet, Fangoria and Bulldog have come together for this free premiere of the new horror anthology V/H/S on Tuesday, Oct 2. The event is RSVP only, and we already have a whole bunch of people coming. So if you haven’t already, get yourself on the list and then secure your ticket early tomorrow. RSVP to: RSVPMAGNY@gmail.com


Tuesday, Oct. 2 | 7 – 10pm

Artist Film Club Presents: Living On: Zombies Release Party

Before V/H/S gets started upstairs, Hatched editor Caryn Coleman will be celebrating the release of the new issue of her journal Incognitum Hactenus down in the cafe. On the screen the Artist Film Club will show Jim Shaw’s (Destroy All Monsters) film The Hole (2007). Writer Dave Tompkins (How to Wreck a Nice Beach) will supply “Undead Soul” tunes while the journal’s contributors will be on hand to speak. Copies of Living On: Zombies will be available.


Friday, Oct. 5 & Saturday, Oct. 6 | Midnight

Creepy Crawl Presents: Phantom of the Paradise | Tickets

For our midnight this week we have Brian De Palma’s glammed out mash-up of Phantom of the Opera, Dorian Gray and Faust: Phantom of the Paradise.


Saturday, Oct. 6 & Sunday, Oct 7 | Noon

Teenage Terror Presents: The Craft | Tickets

Teenagers get into worst scrapes, which is why we’re dedicating an entire brunch series to high schoolers getting in over their heads with some supernatural troubles. Our first Teenage Terror brunch movie this month is the teen witch movie The Craft, where some sexy teens get sexy with sexy supernatural powers.