The Craft (1996)
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1) When I see Fairuza Balk in Return to Oz I can’t stop thinking to myself “Girl from The Craft, Girl from The Craft, Girl from The Craft.” But when I watch The Craft it’s “Return to Oz, Return to Oz, Return to Oz.” Weird.

2) Speaking of Fairuza Balk, according to The Internet, she makes candles from Neil Gaiman’s personal collection of beeswax, because of course she does.

3) Here’s a fun statistics game: “According to, The Craft is the 8th highest grossing movie since 1980 dealing with the genre of witches.” Now, without looking, name the other eight.

4) Later in the movie, when Christine Taylor loses all of her hair for being a racist asshole, are you supposed to feel bad for her? I don’t really feel bad for her.

5) Show me a high school where four beautiful women like this are treated like freaky outcasts and I will eat a pair of jeans.

6) If you think that Robin Tunney looks like she’s wearing a bad wig throughout The Craft, it’s because she is wearing a bad wig throughout The Craft. You can thank Empire Records for that one.

7) For being one of those movies that wore its Gen X heart on its sleeve, it really doesn’t have a very good soundtrack. Not even in the ironic “ha ha, 90’s” kind of way.

8) Whenever I see Skeet Ulrich’s name in the credits I think it’s Dustin Diamond. I think this because I am stupid.

9) It’s weird that Neve Campbell becomes the school’s hot girl when she magically cures her scars, but she rocks the hell out of that Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club look.

10) The Craft could have used way more Breckin Meyer.