Hey folks, Kris here for another round of Nitehawk News! We’ve got new movies and fancy events this week so let’s get started.


Following up on Baraka and Chronos is Ron Fricke’s Samsara, another stunning look at life around the world shot through a great big 70mm lens.

We’re keeping The Master and Sleepwalk With Me as well this week, so you still have a chance to watch Philip Seymore Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix scream at eachother.

Late Night Spooks

Brian De Palma’s awesome neon goth opera Phantom of the Paradise is kicking off our ghastly series of Midnights for October. Come check out Paul Williams be awesome.

Country Brunchin and a Coven to Boot

We’ve got two special brunch movies this week, the first is Charles Laughton’s country-fried Southern Gothic classic The Night of the Hunter, where Robert Mitchum plays a psychotic preacher who uses scripture to rationalize his penchant for murdering women. The movie will be screened in 35mm and before the show we have Brooklyn-based Bluegrass group The Buddy Hollers on hand to serenade before the show.

If deep south debauchery isn’t your game, we have a tarted up witch story from the heart of the 90’s for you instead, The Craft.

In The Cafe

VHS Vault continues its Family Values month on Monday at 8pm with The Boogeyman, a Amityville/Halloween hybrid about a released spirit who’s has its sights on terrorizing a a young woman.

On Wednesday, Oct 10 at 7:30, Screen Shots Drinking Game night makes its return to the cafe with a special screening of Shaun of the Dead. Come out and drink along with Shaun and Ed as they make their way across zombie infested England. We’ll be doling out the rule sheets, and we’ll have a drink special on hand as well.

On Thursday, we’re inviting Network Awesome into the cafe to screen their piece on the Women of Punk, which will go from 9 to 11.