Things are beginning to get downright horrifying over at Nitehawk Cinema as we kick into full-on Halloween gear this week. As our Fright Night host Desmond Ghoulie says, “Prepare…to be scared”…

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Before the frights though, we’re happy to have time travel actioner Looper in Theater 1 this week. Come check out Joseph Godron Levitt kind of look like Bruce Willis, except not really (it’s a dumb thing to complain about, the movie is smart and bad ass in equal measure). It will be joining The MasterSamsara, and Sleepwalk with Me  in the theaters tonight. Time-travel (and facing yourself) is scary!


Now for the chills…

King Kong – Brunch – Saturday (October 13) and Sunday (October 14)
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I was just saying to someone the other day that whenever I look at the Empire State Building, without fail, I always imagine King Kong atop of it. This is how much the classic pre-Code monster/adventure film King Kong  has seeped into our cultural consciousness. Don’t miss it on the big screen!

House (Hausu) – Midnight – Friday (October 12) and Saturday (October 13)
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It’s not everyday that you see something this weird and bizarre and totally awesome. Severed heads biting butts? Yes! Killer cats and pianos? I’m in. HAAAAWWWWSSSEEEE 

Fright Night – Midnight – Friday (October 12) and Saturday (October 13)
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original Fright Night has it all but we particularly enjoy the amalgam of Peter Cushing/Vincent Price (Peter Vincent), Chris Sarandon’s sweater and Dad hair, and a sexed up Marcy Darcy. Not to miss: Our special pre-show featuring Nitehawk’s own horror host, Desmond Ghoulie!!


Special Events

Spoons, Toons and Booze Halloween Special – Brunch – Saturday (October 13) and Sunday (October 14)
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The Secret Formula guys have pt together a collection of the best creepy-crawly Saturday Morning fair from the last 30 years. Come for the cereal bar, stay for the Beetlejuice and Addams Family cartoons.

Beer Dinner and a Movie Presents: Apocalypse Now with Sixpoint Brewery – Tuesday (October 16), 9:30pm
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For this special screening of Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, we’ve gotten together with Sixpoint Brewery for a beer dinner paired with the movie. We’ve coursed out a special meal prepared by our chefs to match specific moments in the film, all paired with different Sixpoint brews.


In the Cafe

Brooklyn Brewery presents Serenity (2005) – Sunday (October 14), 7pm
To help celebrate the end of another successful year of New York Comic Con, Brooklyn Brewery is coming by Nitehawk to present a special screening of Joss Whedon’s Serenity. Gather up, Browncoats, and toss back a few Brooklyn Defenders while watching Mal dodge Reavers and stick it to the Alliance.

The Walking Dead Sundays – Sunday (October 14), 10pm
With no more Breaking Bad to watch, we’ve been itching for some new television, and since it’s the season of the living dead, what better show to continue our Sunday night television tradition than AMC’s The Walking Dead? With the season 3 premiere on Sunday, we’re slated to finally see Michonne in action as well as how Rick and the rest of the survivors will handle being holed up in a prison with the Governor breathing down their necks.

… Yes, I’ve read the comic book.

VHS Vault Presents: Cannibal Man (1973) – Monday (October 15), 8:00pm
To continue our Family Values month, we pulled Spanish horror film Cannibal Man off of the wall. The film is about a butcher who accidentally kills a man, and then spends the rest of his time murdering loved ones to cover up his crime. I don’t think he actually eats anyone. We’ll have to see.

Bootlegger Night presents Black Sabbath in Paris – Wednesday (October 17), 8:00pm
This month, Bootlegger Night is dedicated to Satan and how awesome he is with some rare bootleg footage of Ozzy and Black Sabbath playing in Paris sometime in the early 70s. Sorry for the lack of specifics, unmarked VHS tapes aren’t exactly easy to date. $5 beer and shot special throughout.