The Evil Dead (1981) in 35mm!
Directed by Sam Raimi
Friday (October 19) and Saturday (October 20) at Midnight – Buy Tickets Here!

We’ve written about the video nasties here on Hatched and show some in our VHS Vault at Nitehawk because, well, we love that generation of filmmaking deemed too much for home-viewing by the British Board of Film Classification. But in their attempt to prevent the video-renting-public from watching movies in their own homes by essentially censoring them, the BBFC essentially established a genre unto-itself. And the king of the video nasties? Why, it’s none other than Sam Raimi’s The Evil Deadour midnight movie this weekend starring horror hunk, Bruce Campbell.

This clip of a young Raimi on a UK TV show is a brilliant bit of horror history in which he defends not only his film, but horror in general, particularly against those who are uniformed. 

For more Sam Raimi, read an essay Caryn wrote for Network Awesome last year called “You Must Taste Blood to be a Man: the Horror and Humor of Sam Raimi along with these fine selection of clips