Although our three brunch films this weekend are each part of a different programming series and are very diverse in narrative, they all share in that they embrace the alter-ego. Whether it’s Buffy’s cheerleader-by-day/vampire-killer-by-night double life or the literal dichotomy of being a “beauty” or a “beast” or the neighbor-next-door obsessions with being haunted house pioneers, brunch at Nitehawk this weekend is all about tapping into your inner demons. Of course, this is what Halloween is all about!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui 
Part of Teenage Terrors! month
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I mean, how troublesome it must be to come back from cheer-leading practice only to have to destroy demonic vampires. And then to fall for Luke Perry. What a nightmare!


Beauty and the Beast (1941)
Directed by Jean Cocteau
Part of the Classic Dark Fantasy series
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There’s a lot of internal ugliness happening in Cocteau’s dark tale. To say the least, the relationship between Belle and the Beast is a complicated one. A prince all wrapped up in a monster!


The American Scream (2012)
Directed by Michael Stephenson 
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These seemingly normal families in a normal everyday American neighborhood break out of their shell each fall as they go all-horrored-out for Halloween. Who knew such dark minds lurked behind white picket fences? Also, check out Fangoria’s Q&A with the director.