Halloween quickly approaches, and even though we’ve been gearing up for it all month, our favorite holiday can’t come fast enough. But with two weeks between us and All Hallow’s, that just means we have an extra week ahead of us to celebrate. With something spooky going on almost every day this week, there’s a lot of news to get to, so let’s get to it.

Now Showing

LOOPER (Tickets) will keep going round and round in Theater 1 this week, with support from THE MASTER (Tickets), SLEEPWALK WITH ME (Tickets) and the stunning SAMSARA (Tickets).

Midnight At Nitehawk – JOIN. US.

We have two midnight features this weekend, both of which are incredibly exciting.

The first, part of our Creepy Crawl month, is THE EVIL DEAD (Tickets), Sam Raimi’s horror masterpiece from 1982. Starring a 24-year-old Bruce Campbell, the film follows Ash and his friends as they duke it out with some Kandarian demons. We’ve secured a brand new 35mm print of the film that’s getting shipped off to Raimi himself once its finished, so come check out this opportunity to see Evil Dead looking better than it ever has on the big screen.

Our other midnight feature is MY CAREER AS A JERK (Tickets), a new documentary on The Circle Jerks and the Southern California punk and hardcore scene. Directed by Dave Markey (who we interviewed this week), the film follows the 30 year history of the band throughout the good years and the rough years.

Spooky Bitey Beasty Brunch Features

With something special playing in all three of our theaters this weekend for brunch, there’s sure to be something to suit your taste.

FIRST, the original Joss Whedon penned BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Tickets)

ALSO, Jean Cocteau’s magnetic, wild adaptation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Tickets)

AND, THE AMERICAN SCREAM (Tickets) a documentary on a certain slice of Halloween obsessives who go all out to make their houses the ultimate experience in fright every year.

In the Café

On Tuesday, Oct 23 at 7:30, we are excited to hold our ALL HORROR TRIVIA NIGHT in the café. With a slew of prizes on the line, gather a super team to tackle five rounds of tricky horror movie questions—this won’t be a walk through the dark and spooky woods.

After the trivia, VHS Vault will be screening DIE SISTER, DIE, a tale of a wealthy family who hires out a nurse to off the clan’s wealthy matriarch. Screening starts at 10pm in the café. The film may be one of the best VHS covers we have on display.