VHS Vault presents Spider Baby for Free on Halloween night at 7pm in the cafe.

Day 30: Spider Baby (1964)

Cult hit Spider Baby didn’t have an easy road to cult status. After its distributor went bust, the film wallowed in obscurity until home video brought it into the living rooms of crate digging horror fans. The film itself is pure morbid fun, starring a droopier than usual Lon Chaney Jr. as a chauffeur assigned to care for the Merrye siblings, who suffer from a degenerative disorder that makes them act like psychotic children.

There’s the hulking simpleton Ralph, who’s hopped up on hormones with no understanding on how to control them; the manipulative and deceitful Elizabeth; and then there’s Virginia, the spider baby who enjoys wrapping men up in her homemade webbing and then stabbing the shit out of them.

When the Merrye kids’ parents’ considerable estate becomes up for grabs, a group of distant relatives show up lawyers in tow to snatch up the family fortune. Too bad for them, they under-estimate Chaney’s warnings of the kids’ dementia and fall right into Spider Baby’s web.

There’s some pointless lingerie, winking references to Chaney’s stint as the Wolf Man and, maybe, MAYBE, the best opening credits for a movie ever–sung by Chaney himself!