Hello to all of you, those poor storm ravaged people from Manhattan. Those of you who have been living on rotten lettuce and siphoned gasoline. And hell to you, poor storm ravaged people from Brooklyn who spent the storm watching Twister and keep getting bothered by friends to use their shower.

We’ve been open and busy all week, so we just want to give a quick thanks to everyone who made the tough trip out to Nitehawk, we were happy to help get your mind off of broken public transport, impossible commutes and living in some hellish feudal apocalypse for a couple of hours.

This weekend looks to be just as busy as the last, so if you want to come out, get your tickets and get them fast!

Now Playing

This week we’re holding strong with Seven Psychopaths (Tickets), Looper (Tickets) and The Master (Tickets).

Horror Comes Home at Midnight

If you think you’ve been cooped up to the point of craziness, just be glad that you aren’t Jack Torrance at the Overlook Hotel. This weekend, we’re excited to screen a brand new DCP restoration of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (Tickets) to kick off our series of midnights that dwells on horror hitting close to home.

Give Thanks at Brunch

If the conditions of the storm have made you miserable to the breaking point, now might be a good time to come commiserate over Brunch with Steve Martin and his travel buddy from Hell John Candy in John Hughes’ Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Tickets).

Country Brunchin’

This month for Country Brunchin’, we’ve invited Brooklyn Americana string band Frankenpine to play a pre-show for Terrence Malick’s dreamlike and haunting Badlands (Tickets) this Saturday and Sunday at 11:30am. Malick’s first movie, Badlands stars Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek as a young South Dakota couple that break bad in a terrible spree of violence.

Fishing With John…. With John

On Thursday, November 8, we’re happy to host actor, musician and artist John Lurie at Nitehawk this week as we watch several episodes from his sensational and hilarious cult TV hit “Fishing With John.” This show sold out quickly, but… it’s still cool, and I’m excited about it. So there’s that.

In The Cafe

This month for VHS Vault, we’ve paired up with legendary horror magazine Fangoria to present a gruesome batch of VHS era horror. This month our theme is Thanksgiving horror, and we’re opening up with Herschell Gordon Lewis’s gross-out classic Blood Feast on Monday at 8pm.

Also in the cafe, on Wednesday, we’re hosting another Trivia Night! This month we’ll be dwelling on movies about food, travel, and basic cable stuff that you watch on the couch at home. No horror movie questions this time! … Okay, maybe a couple. Wednesday at 7:30pm, come on out, bring friends, claim prizes!