VHS Vault and Fangoria present…BLOOD FREAK (1963)
Nitehawk’s downstairs cafe. 8pm. FREE.
Giveaways and Gore!

Here’s an excerpt for our FANGO FLASHBACK on the flick (read the whole thing here)…

“A wild meld of exploitation, horror, and mystery, Blood Feast exists outside of the socio-political readings bestowed on much of horror cinema. Fuad Ramses is an Egyptian caterer living in, of all places, Miami who is under the spell of the centuries-long dormant goddess of good and evil, Ishtar (visualized as a Barbara Steele-esque gold statue in his store’s backroom).

After slicing, dicing, and chopping his way through the city, the female body parts Ramses has brutally collected will be used in an ancient ritual to revive Ishtar that he plans to enact at a rich and naive woman’s dinner party. His host wanted something exotic but is hypnotically unaware that her request for the unusual will involve the sacrifice of her daughter! Included is the standard genre device of including the opposition force of the law (even in a situation where the structure of the law is impossible) as detectives on the case wind up falling victim to their own folly. The story is as outlandish as its depiction.”