That’s right everyone, we’ve got a new movie this week with The Sessions (Tickets), the story of a priest, a man with polio and a sex surrogate. Though we’re holding on to Looper (Tickets) and Seven Psychopaths (Tickets), we’ve sent The Master on a slow boat to home video, a promised land where you can watch Philip Seymour Hoffman get jerked off into a sink from the comfort of your own home.


So last week’s Superhurricaneastersandy messed with our schedule something fierce, and we had to postpone our insanely awesome Fishing With John event to let John Lurie actually, you know, be there. All tickets from last Thursday’s event will be honored, and, unfortunately, no new tickets have opened up.

After Midnight

We have two awesome midnight features this week, on for our Horror Comes Home series and the other for our ongoing LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA.

First up, on 35mm, we have Kevin Connor’s incredibly strange and funny and off putting Motel Hell (Tickets), a film where Rory Calhoun puts on a pig’s head and eats people. That plays Friday and Saturday nights (Nov 9 & Nov 10) at midnight in Theater 2.

In Theater 1, this Friday and Saturday, for LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA, we’ve invited Georff Gersh, Bradford Reed and Christof Knoche to play a live score along with Tod Browning’s creepy tale of lust, crime, sacrifice and revenge: The Unknown (Tickets).

Spoons, Toons and Terrence Malick

Secret Formula and Spoons, Toons & Booze (Tickets) are back this weekend with another foray into “Ducktails” re-runs and sugar cereal, this time exploring the odd world of Thanksgiving cartoons. They’re like Christmas and Halloween specials, except… not really as good.

For our Give Thanks series of brunch, we’re continuing with Terrence Malick’s lovely The New World (Tickets), Malick’s version of what went down in Virginia back in 1607 when the Jamestown settlers tried to conquer a swamp and then mostly died. It’s pretty though. Lots of reeds blowing in the wind.

Cafe Programming

On Monday, Nov. 12 VHS Vault and Fangoria come together again for the rarely screened weirdo horror gem Blood Freak, a film about a Vietnam vet who gets hooked on grass and then transforms into a blood-junkie mutant turkey after eating chemically altered turkey meat. It’s weird.

On Tuesday, Nov 13 Nitehawk and short film auteur Joe Palacios is hosting yet another Bootlegger Night in the cafe where we screen legit rare concert footage from VHS tapes that look like they were found in someone’s attic. This week we’ve got a bootleg concert from The Replacements. They’re the sons of no one, I hear.