It’s Thanksgiving week, and we’re going to be open all week at Nitehawk. There’s a new movie opening, a trio of great screenings to look forward to, as well as a free screening of what may be the very first Thanksgiving horror film.

Now Playing

On Wednesday, Nov 21, we’re happy to open David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets) starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. We’ll also be holding on to Seven Psychopaths (Tickets), Looper (Tickets) and The Sessions (Tickets).

Horror Comes Home

Our midnight movie this week is Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left (Tickets), a tale of rape, violence and revenge, which is difficult to watch but worth taking in. We’ll be screening it Friday and Saturday nights at Midnight on a great looking 35mm print. See it the way my mother saw it in 1972. Here’s her review: “Last House was really disturbing to my 17 year old really bothered me for a loooong time…I hate hate that movie!”

Solid endorsement.

Buster Keaton and Morphine at Brunch

Because of some last minute licensing issues, we will not be screening Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush for LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA, so instead we will be hosting Hayes Greenfield Todd Turkisher & Paul Socolow to perform a score to Buster Keaton’s 1923 film 3 Ages (Tickets). The group will also be performing for a few early Chaplin shorts before the film, so if you had your heart set on The Tramp, you can still get your fix.

Our brunch documentary this week is Cure for Pain (Tickets), a documentary chronicling the life and career of Mark Sandman, the frontman for legendary Boston low rock band Morphine. We’ll be playing the film Satruday and Sunday at noon, but only our Saturday screening will have special guests Rob Bralver on hand to introduce the film, with a Q&A after from Bralver and Sabine Hrechdakian.

Cafe Sweet Cafe

On Monday at 8pm, our pick Home Sweet Home, is the first real deal Thanksgiving horror film. We’ll be there with Fangoria again this week to watch as Jake Steinfeld (yes, the Body By Jake Jake) terrorizes a family on Thanksgiving day. It’s violent, it’s insane and, best yet, there’s a scene where Steinfeld injects PCP into his tongue. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!